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Leveraging the Right Sales and Marketing Data with Sky Cassidy

business marketing podcast revenue throughput podcast Jan 03, 2022

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 99

About This Episode & Sky Cassidy

TOO much data is almost as bad as too little data. It hinders your sales & marketing clarity. The key to growth is knowing what data matters and how to leverage it.

Today’s guest is Sky Cassidy of MountainTop Data. Today, we will talk about data: about how there are more opportunities to obtain quality data to expand and extend your marketing efforts, even as marketers in small to mid-sized companies.

So listen carefully if you’ve ever wondered, “how do we reach out to people in ways that are legal, ethical, and effective?”

Sky Cassidy is a problem solver, tinkerer and lover of science. He was a founding partner in multiple startups; an event branding site, a photo sharing app, a dating story aggregator, a movie fantasy league, social media security, and more.

After over a decade working in marketing and bouncing around the Southern California startup scene he settled in as CEO of MountainTop Data, a provider of marketing database services for B2B companies.

After listening to today’s episode, register for a free account on Sky’s TopData Search platform and 1000 free record download credits! Also, check out his podcast, the “If You Market” podcast.

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