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Mightier than the Sword: Using a Book to Market Your Business with Josh Steimle

business marketing podcast revenue throughput podcast Nov 22, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 81

About This Episode & Josh Steimle

When it comes to thought leadership, the pen really is mightier than the sword. That's why becoming an author is one of the most effective ways to establish your credibility and leverage it for revenue growth.

Our guest today is Josh Steimle. Josh helps consultants, coaches, business owners, and leaders do something that many of you would like to do, but may be a little intimidated to do. And that is to write, publish and market a book. In the world of marketing, there are few strategies more impactful than a well produced and published book. Josh will share tips that you can implement to get your book into the marketplace in a way that positions you in the best way for your customers. 

Through his company Published Author, Josh Steimle helps entrepreneurs write and publish nonfiction books they can leverage to grow their businesses. He's a TEDx speaker and his writing has been featured in more than 300 articles in two dozen publications including Inc., Forbes, Fast Company, TechCrunch, CNN, and Time.

After listening to today’s episode, visit https://www.publishedauthor.com/ to learn more about Josh’s company or tune in to his podcast, https://www.publishedauthor.com/podcast

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