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Selling the Outcome is the Key to Sales with Mark Boundy

customer outcomes revenue throughput podcast sales Aug 18, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 40

About This Episode & Mark Boundy

Do you feel your differentiated products are not gaining the sales your product deserves or at the price you think your product could bring in? Today's guest is Mark Boundy of Boundy Consulting. Mark is an expert in B2B selling; especially in creating positive outcomes for your customers as a way to advance sales. 

Mark has grown businesses in a variety of industries, each time, by developing a deep understanding of his customer's world and then focusing on customer value. Mark helps his clients apply his powerful tools within a value-centered framework, helping them grow their business by focusing on the customer.

If you would like to achieve profitable growth, shorter sales cycles, more predictable results, and much more, visit Boundy Consulting at

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