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The Busy Executive's Guide to Feasible Fitness with Aleks Salkin

ownership podcast revenue throughput podcast Aug 11, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 37

About This Episode & Aleks Salkin

Does it ever feel like you spend so much time behind a desk that fitness feels like a far off dream? It affects more than your potential modeling career - it also impacts your productivity, focus, and general sense of accomplishment.

That's why today's guest, Aleks Salkin, helps busy professionals achieve a more fit, focused lifestyle in 9 minutes a day. Aleks talks today about how to insert more energy and vibrancy into your life. Enjoy this unique episode as we help you finally cross those fitness goals off your crammed schedule! 

As a special thank you for listening to today's episode, claim a copy of Alek's e-book, "9 Minute Kettlebell & Bodyweight Challenge!" for free! Visit https://alekssalkin.lpages.co/9minutekbbwchallenge/ to claim yours. 

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