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The Sales Team Success Formula with David Masover

business marketing podcast revenue throughput podcast Mar 04, 2022

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 125

About This Episode & David Masover

Today on the show, we're tackling a practical sales team success "formula". And why a formula?

Formulas are reliable, repeatable, and variable friendly. Even when you change on variable, you can still get a predictable outcome.

Sales teams struggle because people leave - there's turnover that can prevent you from gaining traction. That's why having a formula can help re-inject reliability in place of unpredictable sales conditions.

David Masover is a 30+ year sales expert who has helped guide businesses to more predictable sales by using a key formula that he shares with us.

We discuss practical ways that you can align your team toward success, how to think about the steps involved in getting them on the same page, and how to create a more valuable experience for your customers. 

David helps businesses accelerate their revenue growth and optimize sales team operations through proven sales, management, and leadership frameworks. He is the author of the book, From Average to Awesome, which discusses four common problems sales teams face and how to fix them. 

After listening to today’s episode, visit David’s website to learn more about how he helps businesses grow their revenue. David regularly holds Open House events for The Sales Team Success Formula. Keep an eye out for the next Open House event!


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