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The Secret to Wooing, Wowing, and Winning in Sales with Adrian Miller

marketing podcast revenue throughput podcast sales Nov 17, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 79

About This Episode & Adrian Miller

There's a certain sales-veteran-savvy that very few can rightfully claim to have. Adrian Miller is certainly one.

Through her decades of experience, she has become a battle-tested resource for business in need of a sales overhaul. From crafting your offer to winning your pitch, Adrian knows how to spark powerful growth.

Adrian has taken these ideas and simplified them in a way that is refreshing and easily implemented into your strategies. Adrian has been working with business and B2B selling for a number of decades and brings a fresh perspective to the conversation.

She launched her sales consulting business 3 decades ago and since then has worked in nearly every industry and with companies large and small. She brings passion and enthusiasm to every engagement and is well known for her sense of humor and highly practical and results-driven approach that she takes with all of her clients.

After listening to today’s episode, visit https://www.adrianmiller.com to learn more about Adrian and how she can help you optimize your return on marketing and sales investments.

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