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Top Salespeople Solve (Not Sell) with Chad Sanderson

communication skills podcast revenue throughput podcast sales salespeople Oct 13, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 64

About This Episode & Chad Sanderson

Have you ever walked into a store and tried to avoid the salesperson there to greet you? We've all done it... But then do you go find them when you have a question you need help answering? THAT's the perspective Chad Sanderson has for what a salesperson should be.

A salesperson's top priority should be to solve, not sell.

Our guest today is Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner of ValueSelling. ValueSelling has been in the business of training up sales professionals and have ventured into the area of how to make more effective communications happen within your organization and between other organizations.

We will discuss what has been changing in the world of sales over the last two years, where it’s going and how you can adapt to these changes so that you can be ready for the challenges and create more value for yourself and your customers. 

Chad Sanderson is an award-winning sales, marketing and business strategy consultant with 20+ years of proven results in driving revenue growth, facilitating market expansions and building high-performance teams. 

Chad was introduced to the ValueSelling Framework over a decade ago and credits the methodology for his ability to consistently exceed quota. Within four months of applying the formula, he closed his first $1 million deal. Since then, he has trained his sales and marketing teams in the ValueSelling Framework, resulting in their ability to deliver record-setting results quarter over quarter.

After listening to today’s episode, check out valueselling.com to learn more about Chad and the ValueSelling Framework. 


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