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Understanding KPI's to Optimize Sales Growth with Nigel Green

podcast revenue throughput podcast sales sales growth Oct 11, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 63

About This Episode & Nigel Green

Owners and executives have a responsibility to maintain clarity on what really matters when it comes to business growth. If you can keep a clear line of site on the KPI's that really matter, you can create better plans for a better way forward.

Today we are going to talk to somebody who is a true expert in B2B sales, in complex sales organizations - especially in companies looking for fast growth. His name is Nigel Green, author of the recent bestseller, Revenue Harvest, available on Amazon. We are excited to have Nigel on our podcast to talk about the complex sale and how to organize the new math of selling.

Nigel has a track record of successfully developing effective sales teams. Over the last decade, he helped build two sales teams that produced $50M+ in annual revenue. A third sales team started at very little revenue and grew to nearly $10M annually. In 2018, Nigel began coaching and advising sales leaders and leading intimate, one-day workshops for sales teams that want to double their sales. 

If you are interested in learning more about Nigel check out his website, nigelgreen.co


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