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Why "Farm Thinking" is the Key to Growth with Will Dukes

marketing podcast revenue throughput podcast strategy Aug 30, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 45

About This Episode & Will Dukes

Our guest today is Will Dukes of SalesPartners. He is an farmer by education and training, but he is a marketing strategist in practice. Will works with small to mid-sized service companies; anyone from attorneys to arborists and anything in between. He brings a real refreshing perspective at looking at the big picture for small companies. 

Being raised on a farm, Will loves to watch things grow. Trained as a scientist, Will learned to methodically find the underlying principles in a situation and apply them to new circumstances. Later, as a teacher, Will's biggest reward was watching those flashes of realization – the “aha moments” – on the faces of his students, and seeing them put their new-found insights to good use.  These are the things that still drive him today. 

With SalesPartners, Will teaches companies to grow. But not to grow simply for growth’s sake. Strategic growth – growth that is sustainable and purposeful. Growth that builds bigger companies capable of solving bigger problems and adding more value to the market place. If you are interested in learning more about SalesPartners and Will Dukes, check out https://salespartnersflorida.com/who-we-are/message-from-will/.


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