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Yes! AI Lead Gen Works for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses with Roel Hoekstra

artificial intelligence lead generation podcast revenue throughput podcast Aug 25, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 43

About This Episode & Roel Hoekstra

Today's guest is Roel Hoekstra, CEO of Akela Partners. Roel is going to talk to us today about something exciting and cutting edge; and for companies smaller than what you might think! And that is Artificial Intelligence (AI) lead generation. It is real, doable, and available. 

Roel leads a diverse team of marketing professionals, data scientists, programmers, and customer service professionals committed to generating more and better sales ready leads for their clients. Roel is an expert in data analytics, artificial intelligence, identity resolution, marketing strategy, sales process engineering along with health insurance and employee benefits.

Once you're finished listening to today's episode, check out https://akela-partners.com/ for more information about Roel, AI lead generation, and much more!


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