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Yes, Your B2B Business NEEDS a Content Strategy with Connor Dube

business marketing revenue throughput podcast Oct 29, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 71

About This Episode & Connor Dube

Content is critical in the buying and selling process. Did you know that buyers right now are 80% through their buying process before they even make contact with potential vendors like you?

How you seed the field to make them more interested in you is a critical strategy that you have to embrace to be successful in the years ahead.

Today’s guest is Connor Dube. Connor heads up a company, Active Blogs, and focuses on building out the strategy and content for B2B market development, lead generation and cultivation.

Connor Dube is an Active Speaker, Entrepreneur, Founder of the B2B Mentors Podcast, Marketing Writer, and all around B2B marketing nerd. Starting his first oddball business at seven, Connor has gone on to create 8+ figures in sales, coached hundreds of business development leaders on Social Selling & Content Marketing. He has been featured on leading B2B podcasts, platforms, stages, and has even contributed course content to help colleges modernize their curriculum in B2B Sales & Marketing. With his current focus as Partner/Director of Sales & Marketing at Active Blogs, Connor assists B2B companies to get their content done and with their social selling strategies.

Check out to learn more about Connor and the services Active Blogs offers. 

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