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Committing to Customer-First Selling with Todd Hockenberry

digital marketing revenue throughput podcast sales Sep 01, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 46

About This Episode & Todd Hockenberry

Today's guest is Todd Hockenberry of Todd is a specialist on the idea of customer-centric selling: how to align your organization with your best customer. Todd typically works with the "Walts" of the world. Walt is anyone who owns a privately run company in the B2B industrial and manufacturing spaces, but are stuck in making the transition from traditional marketing and sales to digital marketing and sales. As a result, these business owners have difficulties generating leads and closing sales. 

For over 12 years Todd Hockenberry has led revenue growth at B2B companies with a focus on manufacturing, technology, and capital equipment. Todd Hockenberry educates and helps B2B companies adapt to the new realities of Internet-driven changes in buying behavior. Todd has earned over 30 years of experience in direct selling and leading companies selling technology and capital equipment to companies in global industrial markets. 

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