Better Sales Conversations: Aligning to the Customer’s Buying Process

Alignment is Key

Are you aligning with your customer’s buying process? Do you understand it? Are you accommodating it?

When you’re selling — especially in complex sales — you must consider how the selling organization (that’s you) collaborates with clients to make the evaluation, purchase, installation, and support work as you’re promising. You must have a conversation that focuses on the processes supporting the solution...

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What’s Really Driving Your Customer to Buy?

(Image Courtesy Dominik Bartsch on Flickr)

Deal drivers are the things that your prospect (and marketplace) has articulated as being of greatest importance in making a buying decision. It may be price, ease-of-use, performance, support, or a range of other factors. It’s important to note that the deal drivers are very different than requirements; these are the desires of either the company or the specific buyer with which you are dealing.

Bob Apollo, founder if the...

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