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OWNER INTERVIEW: Building Strong Teams in Challenging Times with Kevin Weber

hiring owner interview podcast revenue throughput podcast Oct 15, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 65

About This Episode & Kevin Weber 

You don't get very far in business without the ability to build and lead your team through challenging times. But if you build it right, you're 75% of the way to getting through any difficulty.

That's the core principle that has help Right Stuff Equipment owner Kevin Weber trail blaze reliable growth for 22 years. Today we are going to be talking to Kevin Weber, CEO and Founder of Right Stuff Equipment. Kevin certainly has the “right stuff”.

He is going to talk to us about what it takes as an entrepreneur-owner of a manufacturing business, to keep your head on a swivel, how to look for opportunities in difficult times, and how to go about the steps necessary to prepare for continued growth.  

Kevin has more than 22 years of experience in the food industry. Before founding Right Stuff Equipment, he was the CEO of Cereform USA, a division of Associated British Foods. Prior to that, he was with American Maize and Cerestar. 

After listening to today’s episode, check out rightstuffewquipment.com to learn more about Kevin and his business, Right Stuff Equipment.


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