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Creating Meaningful Brand Visibility with Kerry Barrett

brand visibility branding podcast revenue throughput podcast Sep 08, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 49

About This Episode & Kerry Barrett

Generating visibility and leveraging it into targeted growth is MUCH easier said than done... unless you have the right help.  

Kerry Barrett of Kerry Barret Consulting is a veteran Emmy-winning journalist who helps businesses wrangle the principles of visibility and storytelling to help their brands generate compelling narratives.  

She joins us today to share some of the principles that she uses to help businesses create visibility and turn it into profitability.

She helps other people - businesses, solopreneurs, consultants, professionals in the C-suite of large companies - get ready for their big moment on video and other media platforms. Kerry is among the best in handling this world of virtual communication. 

Kerry Barrett spent nearly 20 years as a broadcast news anchor, reporter, and producer. She knows exactly what will make your story compelling and how to make sure your message and delivery are on point.

Whether you are an expert, professional, vlogger, have dreams of becoming a YouTube star, or simply want to release compelling video as part of your thought leadership series, digital content, and marketing plan, Kerry will make sure you are your best self in front of whomever your target audience is. 

If you have an upcoming speaking engagement you need to prepare for and would like to receive coaching from Kerry, head to https://kerrybarrettconsulting.com/.

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