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OWNER INTERVIEW: Leadership During Covid with Daniel Allford

leadership owner interview podcast revenue throughput podcast Oct 27, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 70

About This Episode & Daniel Allford

What is the #1 factor that determined how businesses faired during the chaos of 2020?

We all remember the chaos of the pandemic, economic shutdowns, and countless unknown threats lurking around every corner. And not every business survived the challenges.

So what enabled certain business to not just survive but thrive? It was leadership.

Our guest today is Daniel Allford of ARC Specialties. Daniel has built this business, since the 1980’s, into a local and international powerhouse in the world of manufacturing robotics. Daniel will share about his experience, what held his team together through some tough times and words of wisdom for fellow business owners. 

Daniel Allford has been the President and Owner of ARC Specialties for over 33 years. Dan was an early adopter of industrial robotics and turned his passion into an internationally recognized automation company. Dan holds several patents in the field of welding automation. He has grown ARC Specialties from a one-man operation into a 50-person team of engineers and craftsmen.

After listening to today’s episode, check out https://www.arcspecialties.com to learn more about Daniel and his company!

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