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Sparking Collaboration that Unlocks Innovation with Pat Schaeffer

collaboration innovation podcast revenue throughput podcast talent aquisition Aug 09, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 36

About This Episode & Pat Schaeffer

Our guest today is Pat Schaeffer of Talent Strategy Partners. As a co-founder of Talent Strategy Partners, Pat works with organizations' senior executives to build and maintain a robust leadership pipeline through succession planning and leadership development. Her expertise is creating behavioral roadmaps to reinforce company culture and enhance organization effectiveness.

In this episode, Pat will talk about collaborative leadership as the key to innovation. Drive and work ethic are not usually a problem for owners. However, identifying others with the same drive and talent can be a challenge. Pat works with owners to overcome the challenge of talent. She helps executives not just identify talent in their organization, but also create a meaningful system to develop that talent. Today, she shares her insights with us on how to do just that in your own business.

After listening to today's episode, check out http://www.tsphr.com/about/patricia-schaeffer/ to learn more about Pat Schaeffer, Talent Strategy Partners, and the services they offer. 


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