Creative Solutions & Japanese Trains

innovation strategy Feb 07, 2018

We’re all aware of the value of creative solutions. Creativity has always been, and always will be, vital to business success. But a lot of us are content to use one out-of-the-box idea every once in a while and call it “creativity.”

In a guest column for FortuneBarbara Dyer, CEO of the Hitachi Foundation, suggests that creativity should be fostered as part of company culture, not just something to turn to when all other ideas fail. When...

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Challenging the Status Quo: the Key to Innovation

innovation Sep 13, 2016

18th-century physician Edward Jenner earned his place in the history books by creating the first vaccine and effectively curing the deadly smallpox virus. Generations of people remember him for his contribution to the well-being of the entire world. He was more than just a medical philanthropist — he was a true innovator.

In today’s market, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish yourself from the sea of companies offering almost the exact same solution in the exact...

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