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Yes, Business Can Be... Easier with Chris Westfall

business leadership podcast revenue throughput podcast Feb 09, 2022

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 115

About This Episode & Chris Westfall

Stress, tension, conflict... and for only incremental steps forward? Don't you wish business could be easier. Well, it can be. It's not "if" - it's "how".

Today’s guest is Chris Westfall of Westfall Online. Chris is a specialist in leadership communication, but especially in the power of story.

Chris will talk about how to "loosen the bow strings" if you're in leadership, if you’re an owner. With the right approach, you enjoy a little more success and a little less struggle in your career.

Chris is a business coach, keynote speaker, consultant, and author who has helped launch over 60 businesses, raising over $100 million in capital investment. Entrepreneurs, executives, and future leaders turn to Chris for guidance on peak performance, team building, business development, branding, and more. 

After listening to today’s episode, visit Chris’ website to learn more about Chris and the services he provides. 


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