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Predictable Growth & The Power of Systems

b2b blogpost business growth business strategy revenue throughput systems Aug 23, 2023

“Breakthrough happens when you find a system that dramatically accelerates your ability to accomplish your goals.”


Before I point out a problem with most owner-led businesses… Let me start by admitting something – Value Prop is an owner-led business, and I’ve been guilty of this problem myself.

I’ve seen it in our own operation, and I’ve seen it in the majority of our clients when we sit down for our first conversation. People come to us when the way they grew in the past is stalling, and they are having trouble breaking through to the next level of revenue.

What is the problem that’s holding you back? Here’s how I would define it:

  • You’re stuck in a cycle of trying ideas that aren’t working.
  • You’re spending money without getting a return.
  • You need to answer the question “Why are we still stuck?”

So, before you have your next brainstorming session or launch your next ad campaign, let’s apply a systems-focused lens to your revenue growth. With it, we can finally identify why you’re stuck. More importantly, we can also uncover the actions needed to unlock growth at the next level. It’s time to turn the tide.

Why You Need a Revenue SYSTEM


A System Needs to Tell You Where and Why You’re Stuck

There’s a reason systems are the foundational tool we use to breakthrough revenue plateaus. When your business was newer (and smaller), there was less needed to take another step forward. Your inspiration as an owner was easier to execute.

Now, your business (and your vision) is much larger than you. The smaller, commando-style strategies that got you here just aren’t able to get you over the next hill. Why is that?

Without systems, our businesses are prone to wasting resources. It’s like an expensive marketing campaign without a strong sales process. Or maybe for you, it’s a successful sales quarter but you dropped the ball on customer delivery or support.

You can succeed in one part of your system, but any other part of that same system can negate the success you fought for.

On the other hand… A strong system helps you identify where your revenue is “clogged” going through your business. It gives you the opportunity to focus your creativity and resources on the key problem areas.


Designing a Successful System

Everyone likes the idea of systems, but a successful system is worth its metaphorical weight in gold. It takes the guesswork out of revenue growth, no secret-sauce-promising guru required.

We have our own system we use to unlock revenue growth, and you can see it right here. We outline all the components and how we assess each one.

But why does it work? Here are a few of the ways a system like ours helps you grow:

Clear, Measurable KPI's at Every Step

We like to use the image of a pipe with water flowing through it. In this concept, we want the water (revenue opportunities) to flow freely through the pipe without any clogs that restrict its flow.

Now, if your pipe only has a single entrance and exit, it can be hard to figure out where your clogs might be. If your pipe has multiple valves where you can check the water, it allows you to identify which segment is restricting the flow of water.



For your revenue system, you need a process that identifies the core components that affect revenue growth. For us, we look at:

  1. Targeting: Do you know exactly who your ideal customer is?
  2. Differentiation: Is your value prop differentiated and clearly communicated?
  3. Marketing: Is your marketing producing real, measurable results?
  4. Sales: Do you have a successful sales process? Or are you dependent on A+ salespeople?
  5. Leadership + Risk: Is your leadership aligned and steering your company effectively?
  6. Resources: Are your resources (HR, finances, and IP) being leveraged efficiently?
  7. Production: Is your offer being delivered as promised?
  8. Fulfillment: Are you supporting your customers post-purchase? Are you identifying opportunities to expand the value of your relationships?

In our system, we have clear KPI’s that actively measure each component. That way, we can quickly, confidently identify what’s holding us back.

A System Enables You to Scale – and Protects You From Turnover

As much as we owners like to think we have brilliant ideas and a clear vision, we won’t make it very far if our teams don’t grasp it. They need to have a clear idea of where we are going, and the specific steps required to get there.

It can be cumbersome to create, explain, and implement processes. I know personally, it’s not my favorite part of the job.

That being said, breaking our system down into processes for our team offers a standardized approach to revenue generation. I see this frequently in the area of sales. An owner may feel a sense of dread when your top rainmaker leaves the fold, but if you have a clear process in place, you can radically reduce the drop off as you replace the. 

When it’s time to grow, it’s easy to bring people up to speed. When it’s an emergency situation, the same is true.

One Last Item – Your System Keeps You Grounded in Reality

I mentioned that without a system, we are heavily prone to wasting our resources. The truth is that your business system is only as strong as its weakest link. I’ve sat across the table from owners who have poured thousands and thousands of dollars into promising ideas without fixing the real growth-blockers.

And when you’re stuck on a plateau, discouragement is a real threat. Entrepreneurs are driven by the belief that they can solve the problem. It’s also what makes plateaus so hard.

That’s why I wanted to mention this one last argument for systems. They provide you a sober-minded sanity check when you’re tired of disappointment. You might actually have great ideas for marketing, but your sales are dropping the ball. You might be selling successfully but your production isn’t maintaining the quality you need.

One of the best parts of knowing your company’s weaknesses is that it keeps you confident in your strengths.


Ready to Reignite your Revenue Growth?

We’ve talked enough about systems today – now it’s time to take action. I’ve helped companies unlock literally hundreds of million dollars in new growth with the Revenue Throughput System. We specialize in owner-led businesses currently between $2M and $30M in annual revenue. 

If you’d like a demo of our system, I invite you to hop on my calendar. I can give you an overview of our approach and help you determine if it’s a good fit for your business.