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Office Design: A Valuable Tool

culture productivity Dec 27, 2016

Every leader values different qualities and characteristics in their team. Creativity, collaboration, productivity, and positivity are all important, but it can at times be difficult to encourage these qualities in your team.

Though it may not seem like it, office design can be a powerful tool for affecting how your team thinks and operates. Even on a small scale, you can change things about the space that you work in, and by doing so, change things about the ...

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9 Productivity Hacks To Improve Your Business Life

productivity Jul 12, 2016

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in a day to accomplish everything you want to. My quick and easy hacks to improve productivity are so simple to learn and apply. Use these, to increase productivity in the time you do have.

1. Put your dead time to use

Everyone who has to commute to work in the morning has “dead time” in their day that they could be using productively. I like to use my morning drive — and my evening drive — to think of conversations...

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