Competition – A ValueProp Minute

It’s the subject no business owner wants to think about: our competition. We all want to be the only game in town, but there are some ways knowing the ins and outs of your competition can help (and not hurt) your business. Find out how to compete and win in even the most crowded markets!


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The Windows Phone, Part 1: What’s the Point?

competition marketing Apr 24, 2012

Disclaimer: I am fully away this article might make me a few enemies. But it must be said. Because really, it’s what we’ve all been thinking anyways.

What’s the point of the Windows Phone?

I’m not trying to be unnecessarily biting here. Really – I’m genuinely curious.

What’s the point?

I’d love to pose this question to Microsoft’s development team. Or rather, I wish I could have been in the room during their stage gate process....

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